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Matt Bellamy! by oreokeki Matt Bellamy! by oreokeki
I'm going to have to gush a lot here. I'm sorry, just ignore my mad rambles;;;

Last night was worth every year I'd ever wanted to see Muse live. My background wouldn't actually allow me to do this until I'd left home so at the first chance I got, my best friend and me got the tickets together. I've been a huge fan of this band since I was about ten or eleven years old when my french friend sent me a few songs and I sort of worked my way through them and ended up falling in love with pretty much everything they do and are about. They got me through a lot of really difficult times back home when I was younger and I would always turn to listen to their music or watch interviews when I felt down.

To see them was incredible enough, but to actually be the first few besides the people camping out meant that we got a very good standing place, and this was just a song or two before I managed to get myself right up against the barrier where the row in front are, literally we were about a metre away from the band whenever they strutted with instruments down this catwalk thingymajig and I think I died inside several times of joy.

I managed to get one of the "Musos" that fell from the sky and the angry politician's actor threw out to us so I need to frame it now, and I was even more over my head when I tried to throw a vest I'd covered in art for them with a letter thanking them written on it when it didn't quite get to the stage but a security guard came up to me still clung desperately onto the barrier and said he would make sure that it got to them, giving it to a higher up guard who said he promised because he knew how long I'd wanted to thank them. Matt and Dom seperately came and ran past both sides of the barriers and I was so close to touching both their hands, but a slightly taller girl next to me managed to get both their hi fives instead of me and I hate my height even more right now! :L Being so close to them was surreal though. I love all of them to pieces and definitely fangirl for Matt. Watching him play piano and guitar and falsetto his head off gives me goosebumps let alone right there where you can see them in the flesh. My heroes :heart:

The giant robot was by far incredible...Charles, 16 foot tall, how on earth! We had lightbulb ballerinas, pyrotechnics absolutely bezonking everyone, and getting absolutely bruised and burned for the 8 hours before just to get this close was worth it. I wish I'd gotten better photos once I'd got right up against the barrier but my phone died not long after _ I got some good videos of them though! :heart: but oh god.

This was worth it. I didn't think i'd ever love Muse any more than I already did but now I feel even closer to them. Such a great setlist and show. We were the Sunday so we got Map of the Problematique, Unintended and Butterflies and Hurricanes which was intense! dunno if I have any Muse fans as watchers but if anyone else went, hi there, awesome set! ^O^

Also Tom Kirk was spying on us all waiting outside because he tweeted photos! we didn't realize he'd been above us watching oh gosh oh gosh

I have never cried out of so much happiness or screamed so hard. People sing along and hum in harmony to the fucking guitars and pianos, it's mind blowing! o___o I no longer feel weird that I doodoodoo and hum to their riffs now.
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Tiskatrowa Featured By Owner May 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Woah good place to get to, so jealous XD Havent seen muse for years, so glad that they seem to be as awesome live as ever.
One of my favourite things about gig is singing/screaming along to songs and sounds with so many other people all there for the same reason and doing the same
Medicated-Kitty Featured By Owner May 28, 2013  Student General Artist
You're so lucky you got to be that close! I was there too! I was standing closer to the middle of the main stage though! Fantastic show! I caught some musos too :D lol
oreokeki Featured By Owner May 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I don't even know how /// I was gate H and it was packed but we were in a close group so we sort of just charged through as fast as we could to get right in there! Did you come from abroad or? and yay! <2 you should frame them, indeed it was awesome!~
Medicated-Kitty Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013  Student General Artist
Haha I was only there with one other person so we were a bit nervous about shoving through too many people xD an nope, I live in the uk luckily :) you? and That's a good idea, one of them is in mint condition so I'll frame that one :)
oreokeki Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013  Student Digital Artist
:o ow many didja get?
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